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1-6L oxygen concentrator generator oxygene making machine

£ 399,99



Beautiful large color panel, easy to operate, large color LED screen, clear display, timer operation function and with infrared remote control, let it be easier and more convenient.

This machine is equipped with ion function, and a “negative” button; the negative ion system can work alone, you can also work simultaneously with the oxygen system; Anion generator air vents located in the machine, the exhaust vents discharged into the surrounding space of the machine when working.

The oxygen system of this product have coarse dust filter, fine dust filter and three bacterial filtration treatment for the input air respectively, finally, the oxygen is fresh and clean when output, and the front floor filter can be replaced without disassemble, the user operate it comfortable.

Concentrations up to 90%, the flow can be adjusted from 1L to 6L.

The oxygen purity regulation is divided into three levels (1L: 90%±3; 3L: 40%±3; 6L: 30%±3).

Unique design with Built-in Nebulizer, meet elderly more demands.

Intelligent concentration real-time monitoring. The current flow of oxygen, concentration, and timing of time is clear.

Running noise is less than 48db, won’t disturb sleep while oxygenating.

Humanized portable handle design, so that you can carry it to everywhere.


Rated voltage: AC220V

Power Input: 115W

Operation Noise: About 48db

Oxygen Flow: 1L-6L/Min, Adjustable

Oxygen concentration 30-90% (adjustable)

Oxygen generation method: pressure swing absorption (PSA)

Negative oxygen ion: ≥6 million particles/ m³

Size: 302*168*325mm

Net weight: 5.2kg


1 x Main oxygen concentrator generator

1 x Nasal Oxygen tube

1 x Ear-hook Oxygen Inhaler

1 x Remote control

1 x Power cable

2 x Filter sponge

1 x User Manual

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