2L Hydrogen Generator Water Pitcher

£ 99,95



Turn Your Water Into Vitality Elixir 💧 

“The average cost of a decent water ionizer is over $2000-3000. Typical ionizer is stationary and requires manual installation that usually costs around $300!! we were able to engineer a portable alkaline water and to drive the price down to only 89.95,  to make healthy alkaline water accessible to everybody.”

Now you can make hydrogen-rich, healthier water anywhere you are over and over again with your very own rechargeable, reusable, smart hydrogen generator pitcher.


Take a small step towards new, healthier you and your body will say “Thank you!”. Alkaline water has a massive number of benefits confirmed by many scientific studies:

✅ Cure diseases: ionized water helps treat many known diseases like common cold, high blood pressure, digestive problems, allergies, mental exhaustion, etc.

 Live longer: ionized alkaline water reduces the acidity of your blood, therefore your cells live longer and you live longer

 Feel better: conditions such as anxiety and depression go away

 Cleans your body: ionized water kills bacteria and banishes parasites from your body

 Control your weight: no results in the gym? Your body might be congested with toxins. Alkaline water helps your body to get to its normal weight and flush away toxins.

✅ Helps to stay happy, gives mental clarity and eradicates anxiety.

 Drink tasty water: crispy water enriched with negative ions tastes better than tap water.

 Eco-friendly: KANGEN WATER is BPA and lead-free. 400 ml (13 oz) capacity.

 Portable: drink healthy water everywhere! Unlike stationary ionizers.

 Stay hydrated: while watching Netflix, at work or on the run

 Drink clean, healthy water: stop poisoning yourself with tap water (did you know how much negative energy the water soaks in while traveling through water pipes?).  KANGEN WATER changes the structure of the water, purifies it, neutralizes bacteria, pesticides, chlorine, acidic toxins, enriches water with hydrogen, and raises its PH to a healthy level.

Cup body material: high borosilicate glass

Operating temperature: 0~40 degrees Celsius

Capacity: 2000ML

Hydrogen concentration: 0.8~1.2PPM

Hydrogen production capacity: 800~1200PPB

PH value: about 7

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