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Adjustable Triceps Resistance Band | Fly Rope For Strength Training

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Gym memberships and home gym setups can be very expensive. When it comes to fitness, sometimes the simplest devices are the best!

How To Use Resistance Bands

The Fly Rope is an adjustable triceps resistance band that is specifically designed for optimal strength training. It is highly durable, has soft padded handles and even has a D-ring attachment on it so it can be incorporated into your existing workout equipment. It also comes in 3 eye-catching colors! Build your triceps for the big chest you always wanted and create the custom workout that best suits you, all with this simple and affordable workout solution.

How Effective Are Resistance Band Workouts


Various Sizing And Colors: Choose from black, red and pink colors. The band also comes in Large (55cm in length) and Extra Large (76 cm in length) sizes.

Honeycomb Foam Design: The resistance band is made from a dense and sweat absorbing honeycomb foam. It’s soft and comfortable on the skin and very durable.

D-Ring Attachment: The extra thick metal D-ring feature is perfect for attaching to other resistance equipment. The rope can be added to any other devices you have via this D-ring.

Strong Grips: The strong dense cotton grips with foam mean the resistance band won’t hurt your hands. They will last forever and stay comfortable for many workouts to come.

Do Resistance Bands Work


Build Muscle: Build muscle with resistance and your own body weight. Perfect for anyone to use and at any time of day.

Multi-Purpose: There are literally hundreds of triceps muscles building exercises you can do with this simple Fly Rope. No workout needs to be the same as the last!

Low Cost Workout: Why spend money on expensive weights and personal training? This resistance band can do so much for you and for a fraction of the cost.

Are Resistance Bands Effective

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Red, Black, Pink, Red, Black, Pink


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