Controller Grips Cover Accessories For Oculus Quest 2 With Knuckle Straps

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Controller Grips Cover Accessories For Oculus Quest 2 With Knuckle Straps


Grip Cover For Extra Protection

The controller’s grip cover prevents it from falling out while playing games, and protects it from scratching and soiling.

Attention To Details 

The texture of the protective shell increases friction, improves grip and absorbs sweat. The bottom of the grip cover is long and gives more comfort to people with large hands to hold and makes it easy to reach all buttons.

The reversed hole allows for the wrist straps to remain intact, which is an added layer of protection. Tips: You can press the sticker lightly to make it firmer.


Nylon magic tape with metal buckle design makes the knuckle strap adjustable to fit into different-sized hands. Rotatable rivet enables you to slightly adjust the angle according to your size and game you are playing. How about that for an added flexibility and freedom!

Easy To Install And Remove The Grip Cover

Unibody design makes the grip cover very easy to integrate and remove from your controller. With 2 securing grommets to secure it, you don’t need to worry about the grip cover from sliding off when making vigorous movements.

Easy Battery Replacement    

The battery opening design allows you to easily replace the battery without removing the entire controller grip’s cover. You only need to open the battery compartment and then pull the specially designed battery tab.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Pair touch controller grip covers with knuckle straps,
  • 1 Pair Battery Compartment Cover and
  • 6 plastic battery pull tabs.

Please Note: Batteries not included. 


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