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Portable Hand Held Far Infrared Deep Heating Device

  • 【LOW-LEVEL LIGHT THERAPY TO EASE MINOR ACHES, STRAINS, AND CRAMPED MUSCLES】No matter how hardcore or a casual of an athlete you are, the pain is always there and for all sorts of joint pain, elbows, knees, shoulders and as well as back pain, Red light therapy devices are here to help.
  • 【GETS INTO THE SURFACE SKIN LAYERS TO COMFORT AND SOOTHE NERVES】The infrared wand increases the blood circulation of the specific areas where it is being applied, and that will help the blood flow smoother and better in the affected area, helping you fixing your jittery nerves and muscles and also minimizing the time spent on healing. This device will help your angry nerves relax and give you better pain relief.
  • 【MUSCLE STIFFNESS AND JOINT SWELLING REDUCTION WITHOUT ANY SIDE-EFFECTS】Biostimulation is a process in which a red anti-inflammatory light wave similar to sunlight is passed through the skin into deeper tissue and enhances circulation. But contrary to the sun, the infrared heating light doesn’t emit dangerous UVA or UVB rays, providing your body with safe and localized support. Even though considered a heating device, the infrared therapy wand is not hot enough to touch and burn the skin.
  • 【PROFESSIONAL QUALITY】As professional athletes can recover quicker than the average person from injuries, that is due to advanced therapies such as near-infrared light therapy integrated with a professional-quality light wand. Leading physical therapists, doctors, and trainers use the infrared heating light to instantly get professional athletes back on their feet.
  • 【STANDOUT PRODUCT FEATURES】It is designed in a way that you can get professional quality care at the ease of staying at your home. Your body has plenty of angles & curves, so this device comes with an angled head that helps cover the whole body. The six feet long cord helps you sit, relax, and heal in the most convenient locations.


Input: 110V-220V 

Frequency: 60Hz 

Rated power: 7W 

Switch: High / Low / Off 

Wave length: 7000A -10% 

Treatment area: 40 cm2 

Light: 1 infrared bulb 

Dimensions: 19*8*6cm 


Package Contents:

1 * Infrared Handheld Heating Device

1 * User Manual