Electric Heating Knee Massager Machine

£ 129,99


Sore or stiff knees can not only hurt moving around, but also hurt our lifestyle. There’s nothing worse than being limited in what you can do because of stiff or sore knees!

How To Massage Knee

Get the knee massage your tired body needs without seeing specialists and doctors and get it right from the comfort of your own couch. The Electric Heating Knee Massager Machine is the perfect solution to fixing debilitating knee pain and stiffness without breaking your bank account. Just strap it on, pick your desired setting and let the deep and warm vibrations help repair the damage done to your knees. Works on other joints (like shoulders) also!

How To Massage A Knee


Customizable Massage: Adjust the duration, heating level, massage pattern, intensity and red light feature of the massager machine for your perfect massage. No day of pain is the same, so neither should the massage you require either.

Curved Design: The Electric Heating Knee Massager Machine was made with a curved design. It fits seamlessly over the knee area for the perfect massage.

Clear + Visible Display: The machine is super easy to operate and read. The screen is large with clearly lit areas.

How To Massage After Knee Replacement


Red Light Feature: Red light irradiation treatment is highly therapeutic and helpful in improving circulation and to reduce stiffness. Your knees will get better fast!

Heat Therapy: Not only does the massage improve knee flexibility, but the heat further aids in loosening up stiff and tired joints.

Speedy Recovery: Speed up your recovery time after strain and strenuous exercise with the massage, heat and red light therapy included with the use of this machine.

How To Massage Your Knee Joint


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black And White
  • Size: 20.5 x 15.5 x 17.5cm
  • Rated Power: 5W
  • Rated Voltage: DC 5V
  • Timing Set: 15/20/25/30 Minutes
  • Heating Temp: Low Setting 45℃ ± 3℃, Medium Setting 50℃ ± 3℃, High Setting 55℃ ± 3℃
  • Battery: 2600mAh
Is It Good To Massage A Swollen Knee

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x Electric Heating Knee Massager Machine
  • 1 x USB Type-C Charger Cord
  • 1 x User Manual