Electric USB Heating Blanket

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Multifunctional Blanket: Thanks to the soft plush material and built-in heating system, this blanket can cover the knees, wrap the waist and drape over the shoulders. It can also be used in outdoor activities, such as sports, picnics, camping, parades and festivals.
Portable Heating Blanket: The blanket can promote blood circulation. Can be sewn on any fabric or seat cover. The carbon fiber heating material is used to generate far infrared rays, which make the shoulders warm and comfortable! Soft fleece material brings a warm touch.
5V Power Supply: The maximum temperature of the USB heating blanket is about 40°C. It can be powered by any 5V/1-2A USB socket. You can use it indoors or outdoors.
Keep Warm: It has size about 80*140cm/31.50*55.12in. This durable and super comfortable USB heating blanket is very suitable for some cold days, windy stadiums and outdoor cool nights.
Heat Preservation: This 5V electric blanket has a built-in heat preservation module. Once it overheats, it will stop until the heat returns to standard temperature. It also supports hand washing, with no need to worry about current leakage, very secure and reliable.

USB Heating Blanket  is made of soft plush material. It can cover the knees, wrap the waist and drape over the shoulders. Very suitable for some cold days, windy stadiums and outdoor cool nights.

Rated voltage: 5V
Rated power: 9W
Electric blanket size: about 80*140cm/31.50*55.12in
Electric blanket fabric: polyester
Power supply mode: USB

Packing List:
1*USB Heating Blanket