Fit1B - CPAP Full Face Masks Respirator | Adjustable Head Support

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Sleeping easy is far from achievable, if you suffer from conditions like sleep apnea. And sufferers will tell you that not all CPAP masks work properly.

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Reclaim your health and a good night’s sleep for both your (and your partner!) with Fit1B’s CPAP Full Face Masks Respirator. It’s an adjustable full head support mask that covers a larger area of the face than other masks for better oxygen delivery and comfort while you sleep. It has dual wall padding so it stays securely on your face all night, without discomfort and makes a better seal for oxygen delivery. Other amazing features include a Quiet Vent design and incredibly lightweight construction, so you can take it with you during travels. Wake up less and feel better each morning with this CPAP Full Face Mask Respirator!

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Unique Design: This is a full-face mask respirator, not a partial one. It covers a larger section of your face for better security and comfort while you sleep.

Padded Mask: To add to the comfort of the mask while you sleep, it has soft dual walled cushioning. This also provides a better seal.

Quiet Vent Feature: The main and auxiliary vents of the mask are shunted in their design to reduce respirator noise and make your breathing quieter. Your partner will be thankful!

360º Elbow Rotation: For better movement while you sleep and consistent airflow, the elbow section of the mask (where the tube connects) rotates a full 360º.

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Sleep Better: Poor sleep has so many bad health effects, there’s too many to mention here. Reclaim a good night’s sleep with this CPAP, and reclaim your health.

Sleep Quieter: The features of this CPAP Respirator ensure mask security and the best seal. You’ll sleep quieter and the machine makes less noise, which your partner will love!

Easily Detachable: CPAP Respirators need daily cleaning, or they can make wearers sick! This device is easy to disconnect and reassemble so cleaning is a breeze!

What Is The Best Cpap Cleaning Machine

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