Fitness Infinity Band For Yoga | Resistance + Rally Training Strap

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Despite being a simple and inexpensive device, it’s important to know that not all resistance bands are made the same. Many are made of low quality rubber and grow loose far too soon.

How To Use Yoga Bands

Step up your exercise and stretch routines by adding in the Fitness Infinity Band for Yoga. You can use this resistance band in all stages of a workout and ditch the weights. Resistance training is excellent for your joints and now you have a small and cost effective device that can go with you in your gym bag for all sessions. The materials used to make it are tough and durable and the rubber handles on each end are perfect for your hands or feet.

How To Use A Yoga Band


Figure 8 Design: The resistance band is made with a looped connection in the middle to create a Figure 8 design. It’s perfect for any stretch or strength exercise.

Durable Rubber Ends: The ends of the resistance bands have rubber handles for superior grip and comfort. They were designed for both hands and feet to remain comfortable during use.

Compact Design: The resistance band was designed to be easily rolled up and stored in your gym bag. Add it to your workout with no fuss!

How To Use Yoga Stretch Bands


Improve Workouts: The resistance band will improve your workout significantly. It adds another layer to the workout with out the added stress on joints and muscles.

Focus On Stretching: Too many people who exercise do not adequately stretch beforehand. Improve your stretching greatly by using this resistance band.

Variety Of Uses: While the resistance band is excellent for stretching, you can also use it for a number of resistance exercises also, instead of weights.

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  • Product Material: TPE NBR
  • Product Size: 35 x 14cm or 40 x 15cm
  • Designed For: Yoga And Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Body Zone Usage: Legs, Waist, Back, Arms, Many More!

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