Full Back Straightening TLSO Spine Kyphosis/Scoliosis Brace

£ 199,95


Full Back Straightening TLSO Spine Kyphosis/Scoliosis Brace

Give outstanding support to your spine with the help of our tlso brace. Our low back brace inhibits the progression of the curve in your spine to make things comfier for you.

Equipped with adjustable metal and mesh components, the tlso back brace allows you to adjust both its width and height to fit you like a glove. This way, the spine brace won’t move or shift while you’re wearing it.

With its comfortable fit, the kyphosis brace won’t be irritating to wear around your home. Its body is surrounded by holes, making the adult scoliosis brace more breathable to prevent you from sweating.

lower back brace 

Fitted with an air pump, the straightening back brace will help you achieve the perfect S shape to keep your back properly positioned. Have low-maintenance spinal care with the help of our premium and reliable full back brace.


HIGH-QUALITY – Made with high-quality perforated metal and mesh, the thoracic back brace is extremely durable and can be used multiple times. Even when you use the kyphosis back brace on a daily basis, it will not lose its shape and give you all the back support that you need each time.

EASY TO USE – Our sturdy tlso brace comes with multiple components that connect together to form one resilient bond. All that you have to do is to strap the low back brace onto your upper body, pump in air to give you the proper posture, and you’re good to go!

FULL SUPPORT – Equipped with metal support plates, the tlso back brace gives your upper body a tight yet comfy hug. This way, you’ll feel full support that won’t budge each time you use the spine brace.


Weight: 3.3 lbs
Color: Grey
Thickness: 0.11 in
Waist Circumference: 22.4 in – 47.2 (Adjustable)
Height: 16.5 in – 20.4 in (Adjustable)
Material: Perforated metal sheet, mesh, velcro, metal buckles


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