Leg Elevation Pillow

£ 42,99


Is the medical community not doing enough to help you with your lower leg or foot swelling?

Prevent Swelling, Varicose Veins & Pain

Are you suffering from swelling, edema and pain? Don’t worry. We have the solution for all your problems! With our leg elevation pillow or foot pillow,  this leg wedge provides foot elevation, these painful symptoms are a thing of the past as they not only provide relief but also support ligaments & muscles while you sleep so that it’s easier to keep them elevated above heart level.

Deep Relief For Your Knee, Hips & Lower Back

Did you know that our leg elevation pillow wedge helps relieve pain from the back, knee, varicose veins, and restless legs? If your lower back is hurting or if the hip hurts after a long day on your feet then this product will help. The Leg Elevation Pillow Wedge takes pressure off of these areas so they can heal faster!

The foot pillow was designed to soothe aching legs after standing for hours and eases lower back and hip pain by taking the pressure off those regions. Our Leg Elevation Pillow Wedge aids in relieving discomfort from back injury; it also assists with knee problems like arthritis or tendonitis as well as venous insufficiency which includes phlebitis such as thrombosis


Post-surgery Foot Pillow

Elevation after surgery will help you feel better and recover more quickly.
Out of all the things that can make life difficult, a medical procedure is one of the most challenging experiences to go through. The thought of having your knee operated on or foot amputated may sound like something out an old horror movie; but in reality it’s serious business for people around the world who suffer from these problems every day. Properly elevating your legs after this type surgical procedures using our leg elevation pillow has been shown to greatly reduce recovery time and improve comfort post-surgery so don’t wait until its too late!

Machine washable cover

Supportive leg wedge pillow is a machine washable inflatable cover, made with the best quality high-density cotton that don’t wear over time, giving you many years of relief and comfort.


How can the leg elevation pillow be used?
The knee-high support pillows are great for propping your feet up comfortably while you’re watching TV. They also make a perfect post-surgery support cushion, so it’s easy to keep swelling down and stay elevated in bed or on the couch! The leg raiser cushion work wonderfully as pre/post pregnancy supports that provide relief from back pain during those long hours of sitting with good posture at an office desk or when trying to sleep through night time discomfort. These soft neck rolls also double as supportive headrests for reading comfort & more!