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Narrowband UVB Light Therapy At Home | UV Lamp | UVB Phototherapy Lamp

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Kernel UV-B Phototherapy Lamp – Best UV Phototherapy Light for Use at Home 

As great as it sounds, the narrowband UV-B treatment device is the best to treat Eczema, Dermatitis, and other skin disorders at home or in a clinic. All parts of the body can be treated by the Phototherapy Lamp, including the scalp. There is a special comb that comes with the product as an additional attachment that can be used for the scalp and protection while treating other parts of the body.

UV Irraditation - UVB Phototherapy Lamp

How to use:

  1. Start time: 30 seconds (half the children).
  2. Erythema criteria: erythema should be maintained until the next exposure time.
  3. Dose increase and decrease: depending on the appearance of erythema.
  4. Frequency of exposure: once every other day, 3-4 times a week.


UV Lamp - UV light

Treatment summary:

irradiation time- night irradiation


  1. After irradiation, the ultraviolet rays have to be absorbed by the skin for 6-8 hours before an erythema reaction occurs.
  2. After irradiation, erythema appears to be effective; no erythema indicates that the irradiation time is not enough. 
  3. The best dose: erythema should be maintained until the next use.
  4. Exposure to sunlight after phototherapy is prohibited.
narrowband uvb phototherapy

Dermatology treatment:

uv light therapy for eczema


KN4003BL VS KN-4003B:

KN-4003B is the basic model, and KN-4003BL is the advanced model.
Products with LCD control circuits consist of irradiator (UV lamp inside), LCD Display, and keys, as shown in figures 2-1, 2-3.

uvb lamp

Products without the control circuits consist of irradiator (UV lamp inside), as shown in figures 2-2, 2-3.

uvb lamp for vitiligo
UVB Lamp Comb

Questions & Answers:

How to determine the irradiation time of each increment?

1. If mild erythema appears in the previous irradiation and has subsided during the next treatment, you should increase it by 10 seconds based on the previous-time irradiation time.

2. If there is obvious redness in the previous irradiation and it has not subsided during the next irradiation, you should maintain the original irradiation time. 

3. The maximum irradiation time for single irradiation is no more than 5 minutes for the face and torso; no more than 7 minutes for the limbs of the hands and feet. (Even if erythema does not appear, it does not increase the time)

When does it become effective? 

1. Generally, it takes about 20 times of irradiation to be effective. 

2. If the irradiation is more than 40 times and there is still no obvious effect, the irradiation should be stopped.

When should the irradiation be stopped? 

1. With the extension of the irradiation time, if the skin becomes redder, or even blisters, redness, and swelling, the irradiation should be stopped, the irradiation should be started after a few days of rest, and the original irradiation time will be reduced by about 20%. 

2. Generally, after three or three months of irradiation, you can suspend the irradiation to two weeks; the re-irradiation start time is about 70% of the suspension time.

uv light therapy for eczema

Product Detail:

Suitable for body and scalp treatment

Portable, lightweight, and easy to use

Integrated timer function assures safe and proper UV-B exposure

Model: KN-4003B

Manufacturer: Kernel

Philips UV Bulb: 9W UV-B/311nm (PL-S9W/01/2P*1)

Timer Function: Yes

Exposure area: 48 cm2

Size: 317 * 52 * 48 mm

Certification: CE, FDA

Power: 110 / 220 volts

Power Rating: 50 VA

Package Contents

1 * UV Phototherapy Device

1 * Comb Attachment

1 * AC Adapter

1 * UV Goggles

1 * User’s Manual

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