POWER - Finger Grip Strength Trainer | Finger Extend Resistance Exercise

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Often we train every part of our bodies except the part we heavily rely on and use all the time. We’re talking about our hands, people!

How To Grip A Split Finger Fastball

We rely on our hands more than we realize, so having strong and flexible hands is important. You can get stronger, more flexible and healthier hands with the Finger Grip Strength Trainer from POWER. Extend your fingers with a resistance based workout and notice improvements in both your blood circulation and dexterity. Simply strap on the wristband, insert your fingers and flex away!

How To Improve Finger Grip Strength


Skin Friendly Materials: The Finger Grip Strength Trainer is made from durable nylon around the wrist with skin friendly EVA. You won’t see irritation from this product.

High Elastic Silicone: The resistance training stems from the connected high elastic silicone connected from each finger to the palm. It’s easy to use and will give you an iron grip!

One Size Fits All: Any adult hand can use the trainer, and on either hand too. Recover or strengthen your hands with this trainer.

How To Strengthen Finger Grip


Improve Dexterity: Having dexterity is important for many occupations and hobbies. Improve yours by working out your hands and fingers with the Finger Grip Strength Trainer.

Improve Circulation: By improving blood circulation to your hands, you’ll improve their health. Great for preventing degenerative conditions later in life like arthritis.

Improve Grip: Get an iron grip from the hand workouts you take with this strength trainer. You’ll notice the improvements due to a good grip in any physical activity you do.

How To Improve Grip Strength


  • Green Model: Entry level 20 lbs.
  • Blue Model: Intermediate Level 40 lbs.
  • Red Model: Advanced Level 60 lbs.
  • Strap Materials: Soft Nylon Tape W/Elasticity
  • Board Materials: High Elastic Silicone And Alloy Frame
  • Scope Of Use: Rehabilitation And Exercise
  • Product Size: One Size Adult
  • Colors Available: Green, Blue And Red
  • Features: Through Training With Device, Blood Circulation Improved To Hands, Enhanced Hand Muscles, Train Hand Function, Improve Flexibility And Improve Mobility.

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20 Pounds, 40 Pounds, 60 Pounds