Self Heating Recovery Support Knee Pads | Tourmaline Knee Brace For Arthritis Joint Pain Relief

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Recovering from severe injury or suffering from arthritis, especially when it comes to your knees can be extremely painful and life altering. Most knee braces or sleeves simply don’t do much to help joint pain sufferers either! 

What Does A Knee Brace Do

Get effective pain relief quickly for your knees and take back your life with the Self Heating Recovery Support Knee Pads. The Tourmaline Knee Brace is excellent for arthritis sufferers and other joint pain around the knee. The double-layered knitting maintains a warm temperature around the knee to promote better recovery, loosen muscles and more comfortable knee joints. Slip it on under your clothes and let it work its recovery magic on your bad knees!

How To Put On A Knee Brace


Double-Layered Warmth: To maintain a constant 45ºC temperature around the knee while you wear it, the knee brace was constructed with an inner cotton yarn layer and another outer blend. This traps in the heat to let you recover quicker.

Moxa Molecules Integration: The raised and dimple like moxa molecules help the heat penetrate deeper into knee joint muscles and tissues to relieve discomfort and loosen them up for better mobility.

Discreet Black Color: The kneepads come in a neutral black color. They wont stand out under clothes and remain out of people’s sight.

How To Wear A Knee Brace


Promotes Quicker Recovery: Recovering from knee injuries can take longer than other injuries, because we need to move around. Speed up your recovery time with these knee braces.

Multiple Uses: Joint discomfort, arthritis, muscular aches, cold legs, numbness and injury recovery are just some of the conditions these knee braces can help fix.

Easy To Wash: The knee braces are made of materials that are easy to clean and wash in any conventional washing machine.

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