TTLife Home Medical Electronic Acupuncture Stimulator Machine DMZ-I

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Output Pulse Road: 6 Channels outputs
Output Voltage: No More Than 500V (Operating Load 250 Ω)
Input Power: 110-240V; DC 9V is 0.8VA; AC / DC converter is 5VA
Effective Value of Maximum Output Current: No More Than 10mA
Pulse frequency: 1Hz~99Hz, the deviation of frequency is ≤ ±30%.
Pulse width: 160μs~240μs, the deviation is ≤ ±30%. (EMC testing basic performance)
Rated load impedance of the instrument:
A) the patch electrode is 500 Ω
B) the electrode clamp is 250 Ω
Size: 240×177×64mm
Weight: 1.1kg



3 waveform selections, including continuous waveform, interval waveform and sparse waveform.
Adjustable frequency and intensity.
6 channels outputs


Main Functions:

Assists the detection of acupoints.
Use for electric impulse acupuncture treatment.
Multi-pulse wave frequency LCD
Auto-timing Switch
Operating output protection device


There are three waveform selections. Users can select a continuous waveform, interval waveform and sparse waveform according to the needs of different diseases. Pressing the mode key, the indicator will show the corresponding working waveform, and the Electric Acupuncture Stimulator Machine will output pulse waveform continuously according to the user-set frequency.

The treatment time is adjustable from 1min to 90min, total 1min, 10min, 20min, 30min, 40min, 50min, 60min, 70min, 80min, 90min, 70min, 80min, 90min 10 gears can be selected, according to the desired treatment time press the time adjustment button, you can set the instrument’s treatment. The set time will be displayed on the LCD screen.

The Electroacupuncture machine pulse frequency is 1~99Hz adjustable, total 1Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz, 30Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz, 70Hz, 80Hz, 90Hz, 99Hz, 11 gears can be selected. Please according to the desired treatment frequency adjustment button to set the frequency. The adjusted frequency will be displayed on the LCD screen.

The electric acupuncture stimulator machine pulse width is 160-240uS adjustable, total 160uS, 180uS, 200uS, 220uS, 240uS 5 gears optional.

The device is very safe and efficient in treatment because of its output pulse. Waves feature low voltage, low frequency and have the same frequency range as the body.

With the characteristics of low-pressure,low-frequency, bi-directional, Operating output protection device, particularly safe treatment.

Note: All intensity adjustment knobs before power on output, must be returned to 0, otherwise, the alarm prompt can not work.


Package included:

1x DMZ Electronic Acupuncture Instrument
6x Output electrode wires
12x Skin electrode patches
6x Milli-needle electrode clips
1x Instruction manual
1x Certificate of Conformity
1x Anti-vibration foam box
1x AC adaptor (100V-240V)
0x Acupuncture needle: it should be purchased by customers (should choose the manufacturer with medical device registration certificate)