Ultra Safe Kids Car Travel Booster Safety Seat

£ 57,95


Ultra Safe Kids Car Travel Booster Safety Seat

Keep the youngest members of your family safe every time your drive by seating them on our premium seat booster. Equipped with sturdy straps, the car seat booster conveniently keeps your child secure at all times.

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All four straps of the car safety seat are connected to one main component that sits over your child’s waist. This component of the kids booster seat also comes with spacious leg holes that make it easy for your child to slip into it.

Not only that, but the harness booster seat is designed with a head rest that cushions your child’s head for a better car riding experience. Each shoulder strap of the travel booster seat is stuffed with padding, making it sit comfortably over your child’s shoulders.

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Most importantly, the kids booster car seat is space saving and easy to carry when you’re on the go. Confidently drive your family everywhere by ensuring that your child is always strapped into the child car booster seat.


DURABLE – Made with thick sandwich fabric, the seat booster is extremely durable and can withstand regular heavy use. Not only that, but the car seat booster keeps it shape and is perfect for growing children.

EASY INSTALLATION – Our car safety seat comes with two fixation bands that securely fit on most car seats. All that you have to do is to fix the bands onto your car seat, close the buckles, and adjust the waist band to your child’s comfort.

COMFORTABLE – Stuffed with padding all over, the kids booster seat was made to keep your child both comfy and secure. This also ensures that the straps won’t hinder regular blood circulation on your child’s body.


Size: 29.92 x 14.17 inches
Material: Sandwich fabric
Suitable for: 6 years ~ 12 years child


1x Harness Booster Seat