Arch Support Brace


Waltsonstec Arch Support Brace offer both compression and support regardless of footwear; they provide necessary foot arch support by relieving symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis (pain on bottom of heel), flat feet, fallen arches (arch collapses) ball of foot pain. The cushioned arch support that your feet need can help alleviate general lower body pain in the heels, knees, hips and back.

Relief Plantar Fasciitis

Waltsonstec Arch Support Brace is designed for those who suffer from foot problems. The raised pad design fits uniquely to your foot shape, balances the force applied to your foot, and helps promote body alignment and provide flat feet support. Our cushioned gel arch support pad eases pain from plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel spur, high arch aggravation relieve arch pain and heel pain from a long time standing and walking.

Breathable Material

Waltsonstec Arch Support Brace are made of high-quality neoprene and its durable materials. Breathable fabric, it is not easy to let your foot sweat. Our plantar fasciitis support pad provides instant relief to your arch and heel through compression support that provides the maximum boost to your blood circulation.

Universal Size

Unlike similar products on the market, these plantar fasciitis support pads are widely compatible with most shoe type, from sneakers, office shoes, heels, slippers, sandals and more!Offer an elastic sleeve design that fits comfortably and maintains a snug fit for men and women. You can wear them with any type of shoes, including sneakers, heels, sandals, or even barefoot.