Breathable Ergonomic Back Lumbar Support



Brings Back The Pleasure of Sitting Pain-Free


Your worst enemy? You're sitting on it!

Most of us spend hours a day sitting - and it's killing us. It doesn't matter if it's behind the wheel or in your office chair, because back breakers don't discriminate. If you, too, suffer from lower back pain every time you sit for too long, we have something for you that will relieve the pain and bring you the comfort you've been waiting for.

This is a back support cushion that corrects your posture, supports your back and takes the weight off your lumbar region. It is designed with an adjustable height and multi-directional system - allowing it to adapt to most chairs and suit all body types.

Office Back Lumbar Support solve pain issue


Adjustable Comfort: This back support features 5 height levels, a 3D design and a double-twist spring. You can adjust the support to your height and body type with a simple flick of the wrist. Plus, it has a highly elastic Velcro strap that allows you to adjust it to fit different chairs.

Office Back Lumbar Support Adjustable Height


Full Back Support: It comes with a 3D curved design that follows the natural shape of your back. And while other lumbar supports focus on a specific area, this one supports your entire back and spine and corrects your posture.

Built to Last: Unlike memory foam and inflated cushions, our supports boast a solid structure covered by a soft pad - this ensures ultimate longevity and maximum support for the product and years of reliable service.

Office Back Lumbar Support 3D Mesh


One Support Fits All: you can use this support on any type of chair - office chair, car seat, wheelchair, etc. It comes with a highly elastic Velcro strap that allows this back support to be attached to any chair, anywhere.


Corrects Your Posture: It helps you avoid harmful positions like bending your back or leaning back excessively. This back support cushion, with its two-way ventilation and 3D design, keeps your back straight and your shoulders tension-free.


Keeps you focused on what you do best and pain-free.


Product Name: Waist pad
Specifications: height 41cm × width 44cm × thickness 18cm
Main material: ABS plastic molding + 3D mesh cloth
Strap material: elastic + polyester
Size: about 43x40cm


Office Back Lumbar Support Mesh Support

Office Back Lumbar Support Comfortable & Support

Office Back Lumbar Support Threaded Double Spring