Carex Derby Style Soft Grip Walking Canes - Height Adjustable With Wrist Strap

Metallic Blue
Soft Pink

A derby style walking cane in pink. The walking cane features a soft grip latex-free handle to decrease shock and hand fatigue. Easily adjustable height with the push of a button and includes a convenient wrist strap. The derby grip handle features innovative technology that decreases shock and reduces fatigue in the hand and upper body. The ergonomic cane handle is adaptable for right- & left-handed users.

The Carex walking cane features an easily adjustable, latex-free handle that adjusts with a simple push of a button. Ergonomically designed, the walking cane has an anti-slip tip to provide extra traction and stability. This cane is a walking cane for men or walking cane for women Carex has been a leading manufacturer of canes for women and canes for men for over 30 years with one goal: to let our consumers live healthier more independent lives. Trust our brand in your choice for walking sticks and canes.


  • Comes with a convenient wrist strap
  • Handle is made of soft grip rubber, reducing pressure on the wrist
  • Height adjustable by the push of a button
  • For men and women with heights of 5'2" to 6'4"
  • Cane adjusts from 31" to 40"
  • Supports persons weight up to 250lbs
  • Features a derby grip handle, free of latex