Core Products Core Wrap


Core Wrap

Excellent for positioning hot and cold packs, electrodes and other items. Plush neoprene wrap helps retain heat or cold and provides mild compression. Also useful as a compression bandage. Adjustable hook and loop closure holds wrap firmly in place.

Item Description

  • ACC-580 Core Wrap - 2.5 x 18 (6cm x 46cm) (UPC 782944058049)
  • ACC-582 Core Wrap - 2.5 x 48 (6cm x 122cm) (UPC 782944058247)
  • ACC-585 Core Wrap - 4 x 48 (10cm x 122cm) (UPC 782944058544)
  • ACC-586 Core Wrap - 6 x 84 (15cm x 213cm) (UPC 782944058643)