FLA ProLite 8" Wrist Support Splint Right


FLA Orthopedics Pro-Lite Airflow 8" Wrist Support Brace is a stabilizing wrist brace for the treatment of acute and chronic wrist pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, and distortions. The carpal tunnel wrist brace can also be worn to ease pain and discomfort caused by postoperative or post-traumatic irritations. The Pro-Lite Airflow wrist splint is made of top quality, latex-free materials which make the tendonitis brace highly breathable and comfortable to wear. The sports wrist brace has anatomical stays that immobilize the wrist, helping reduce pain and promote recovery. Designed with a soft thumb loop opening and allows for full finger dexterity and easy one hand application.

Color: Black 

Sizing: Measure around center of the wrist.

Cannot be returned if worn or tried on ... NO EXCEPTIONS!