Lounge Doctor Inflatable Travel Leg Rest with Pump




Bundle and save! Great for traveling! Now, our Lounge Doctor Inflatable Leg Rest and Pump are conveniently shipped together! The Inflatable Lounge Doctor Leg Rest is a revolutionary product, with a patented design, and based on science. It has a suede finish, making it soft AND durable! Being inflatable makes it perfect for on-the-go elevation. The handy pump is used to inflate the Inflatable Lounge Doctor Leg Rest™. Never miss a chance to elevate your legs when you carry your Inflatable Leg Rest, and this pump with you!

If you have leg swelling, vein problems, lymphedema, leg injuries, restless legs, are having surgery, are pregnant, stand or sit at work daily, travel, or just want healthy relaxation, then you need a Lounge Doctor Leg Rest™ today! 


  • Patented shape that matches our other Lounge Doctor leg rests
  • Inflates and deflates for traveling convenience 
  • Decreases leg swelling
  • Minimizes back pain
  • Aids with venous issues 

Bundle contains (1) Inflatable Leg Rest Cappuccino and (1) Pump

 Actual Leg Rest Dimensions

Small: 21” Width, 11” Height, 20 3/4” Length
Medium: 21” Width, 11 3/4 “ Height, 23” Length
Large: 21” Width, 12 1/2 “ Height, 24 3/4” Length
Some Expedited shipping options may not be available for this product.

*Inflatable Lounge Doctors may lose some air after time and usage. Simply add air back in as needed with mouth or pump.