Lumbar Traction Back Brace

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Just imagine your life without back pain.

Got a sore lower back? Well, guess what, so do 80% of adults worldwide. Nowadays, back pain is inevitable.

Whether you suffer from a back problem due to injury, illness or simply aging, allowing these problems to linger can develop into more serious conditions. That's why health experts have developed the next best thing after surgery, and that is the Lumbar Support Decompression Back Belt. It's an ingenious device that gives you the pain relief you're seeking to get on with your day, and it beats a risky surgery by a long shot. Now you can feel the freedom you deserve with Lumbar Support Decompression Back Belt. The freedom to travel, to work, to sit, to drive - pain-free! And here's how it works:


Back Brace - relieve back pain

Back Brace - before and after inflation 

Back Brace - Hold Up the weight for you


  • Magnetic therapy: This belt is equipped with 8 integrated magnets that generate a powerful electromagnetic field. This stimulates the healing cycles of your bones and nerve tissue while releasing endorphins, resulting in a significant reduction in pain in a short period of time.
  • Superior construction: It is compact and stretchy, made of soft fabric and high-quality Velcro. It does not block your movement and fits comfortably around your waist.
  • Decompression Therapy: It features contraction and decompression technology that is firm enough to relieve pressure on your lower spine and lumbar vertebrae, and soft enough not to irritate your skin or back.
  • One size fits all: Light as a feather, it's designed to stretch and follow every bump and curve in your body. It's one size fits all and the fabric can accommodate all shapes and silhouettes.
  • Adjustable Support: Just like a blood pressure cuff, it inflates when filled with air, using the included pump. This allows you to easily choose your comfort level and avoid situations where the back belt is too tight or too loose.



5  Back Brace - inflatable

Back Brace - How to use  


Breathe A Sigh Of Relief Every Time You Stand Up Or Take A Seat

Lumbar Support Decompression Back Belt Brings Back the Joy of Sitting Down & Puts the Pain to Rest