Medi Achimed Tendon Support w/Anatomically Shaped Silicone Inserts


Achimed is an Achilles tendon support with anatomically shaped silicone pads for soft protective cushioning of the Achilles tendon. The compressive knitted fabric and the silicone insert exert a massage effect that promotes the healing process. The specially knitted, soft Comfort zone in the instep area prevents constrictions and pressure points. It comes with separate silicone heel inserts to be placed in both shoes, to relieve the Achilles tendon. Made of highly elastic, breathable and moisture-wicking Clima- Comfort knitted fabric.


  • Compression from the fabric and the insert place a massaging effect on the tendon
  • Includes two free-standing heel wedges to go inside each shoe - both can be removed later when the area has healed sufficiently
  • Relieves pain and tension on the tendon
  • Comfortable to wear inside any type of shoe