NeoSweat® Body Shaping Wrap Belt


Inner layer: 100% neoprene outer layer: 100% polyester

The NeoSweat® Body Shaping Wrap Belt is suitable for assisting in maintaining health and losing weight activities, such as running, boxing, yoga, dancing, fitness, cycling, jogging, etc.

Results & Effect:
• High-quality neoprene fabric: this kind of fabric not only has good elasticity, and will not deform and curl after pulling during activities but also increases body temperature, stimulate sweating, create a hot feeling-like Sauna, which also helps reduce fat, detoxify, and clean pores.
• Elastic magic hair: good elasticity, can be stretched and stretched together with the fabric; comfortable to the touch, no damage to the skin, firm sticking and can be adjusted at will according to your own needs;
• High-quality magic hook: The hook surface is short and does not hurt your hands. It can prevent the hemming from pilling when pasting, and the stick is firm.
• Winding wear: close-fitting and comfortable, fit the body curve, no size requirements, suitable for all female figures, can be worn for a long time
Washing and care
1. After soaking in alkaline laundry detergent for 3 minutes, rinse with clean water;
2. Hang to dry in a cool place to avoid exposure to the scorching sun.
3. No dry cleaning/machine wash/ironing/wringing/drying