NeoSweat® Double-Belt Neoprene Vest


Highly recommended by health professions, our NeoSweat® Double-Belt Neoprene Vest can prevent and reduce scoliosis and back pain as well as a correct slouching hunchback and spinal curvature for better postures. It is also an ultimate product to help you hide your tummy problems while it smoothens out visible belly fat giving you that instant sexy curve.

• The vest provides 3-in-1 strong support for your upper back, lower back, and abdomen.
• The elastic chest support band can effectively reduce the shaking of the chest by 78%
• Woven cross elastic band design on the back to increase the adjustment space and design sense of the length of the shoulder strap
• Made with breathable neoprene material, the vest is one of the most comfortable and fashionable options available.
• The vest fits tightly on your back, you can wear it under your clothes unnoticeably. Always in your best posture with a straight back and flat stomach.

Wash Care: 1. Hand washes with a maximum water temperature of 40 ℃ 2. Do not wring out 3. Do not machine wash 4. Do not dry clean 5. Do not expose to sun 6. Hang to dry 7. Do not iron