NeoSweat® Waist Trainer with Double Elastic Waistbands


The NeoSweat® Waist Trainer with Double Elastic Waistbands is designed to be high-performance fitness equipment. The outer layers of the whole product use simulation-based OK cloth. The three waistbands can  freely according to your requirements, and they can be fixed after pasting to prevent the waist trainer from stacking and extruding in the process of movement.
Results & Effect:
• The skin excretes sweat plentifully due to the neoprene materials.
• In order to create an hourglass shape figure, it will give pressure to the waist and abdomen again with the design of the double waistbands.
• The hook and loop fasteners are stable, firm, and not easy to break with Level A hook fasteners and thick loop materials.
• The high-quality zipper is smooth and not stuck, easy to wear and take off. The semi-automatic zipper head can be closed automatically to prevent sliding.
• The high-quality version of the longer front is good for the abdomen, which can tighten and flatten the abdomen effectively. The shorter back is good for the hips, which will give no pressure to your body.
• boned strong waist support to prevent spine injury in the process of sports, meanwhile it is suitable for a strong shaping and preventing curling edge.
• Exquisite sewing craft, which is durable and not easy to be loose.