OPTP Halo Posture Weighted Head bands


HALO POSTURE weighted headbands are simple-to-use, cost-effective therapeutic tools that assist neuromuscular re-education to restore proper neck posture and improve overall neck health.

The HALO POSTURE distributes weight around half the circumference of the headband. The weighted half can be worn to the front, back, left or right sides or between these positions. The HALO REJUVENATOR, available separately, distributes the weight evenly around the head.

HALO headbands are weighted devices designed to promote healthy neck function by exercising the various ways the neck "does its job". HALO headband exercises place demands on the structural and information processing systems of the cervical spine in order to restore and/or maintain neck health and function.

HALO headbands facilitate exercise for neck posture, strengthening, end-range loading, stretching, neural mobilization and balance training. The 32 page manual guides users through proper positioning and exercise examples.