Silicone Padded Knee Brace Compression Sleeves



The Best Choice For High Performing, Pain-Free Knees


Amidst a sea of choices, it's tough to find the perfect knee brace. Between overly tight braces and loose sleeves, today's knee braces leave much to be desired. And that's where the genius of these silicone padded knee braces comes in. It boasts medial and lateral stabilizers that keep the brace in place and your knee supported without the need for straps. This allows your blood vessels and ligaments to break free and function properly and naturally.


Protects your knee and prevents future injuries

  • The Silicone Padded Knee Brace is the ultimate way to protect your knees from the bumps and bruises that may come your way. 
  • It is designed with silicone side and medial stabilizers to help you withstand the pressure of running, jumping and even long-distance cycling. 


Recovers full function of your knee 

  • Silicone lateral stabilizer has built-in metal, this helps your knee withstand strenuous activity by taking some of the weight off your ligaments.
  • Its highly elastic design makes it a snug fit and relieves pain and discomfort when your knee rotates or moves.


Reduces swelling and pain after activities.

  • Silicone Padded Knee Brace can reduce the pressure on your knee by up to 30%, so you feel less exhausted and experience less pain after any type of activity. 
  • The fabric is elastic and breathable, improving your blood circulation, which helps reduce swelling, and joint pain.


Designed for long hours of wear

  • The built-in silicone gel grip helps the knee brace stay in place and prevents the sleeve from rolling up when you move or run.
  • The fabric is breathable and the knee brace has no straps, which means there are no marks or skin irritations and you're allowed to wear it all night.


Put the Pain To Rest Every Time You Slip On This Knee Brace

Even a mild ligament sprain can bring your daily activity to a halt. Think about the last time you were on your knees playing with your kids or tending to your garden. The average knee brace is not enough to keep you comfortable and pain-free throughout the day. You need something extra to get you back on your feet doing what you've always done. Whether it's gardening, biking, working out or taking long walks, this silicone padded knee brace promises all of that and more.

When life tries to bring you down on your knees, try wearing a silicone padded knee brace and get right back up. Order one today!



Body material: spandex
Applicable people: adults
Applicable sports: basketball
Applicable scenes: fitness equipment, foot basket exercise, sports protective gear accessories, cycling sports, sports trends, other ball games, martial arts self-defense, venue amusement equipment, fishing sports, dance sports, health massage, running sports, hiking camping , shooting sports, table tennis tennis, musical instruments, sports outdoor bags, ice sports, fitness, extreme challenges, chess and entertainment, swimming wading
Whether silicone: the knee is made of silicone
Packing instructions: A pair of OPP transparent bags
Whether spring: support spring on both sides

Package Content
1 * Knee pad