Therall Joint Warming Arthritic Back Support


The Therall Joint Warming Back Support is an easy to use, therapeutic device that provides long-lasting, soothing relief to aching joints, muscles, and tissues. The Therall Back Support is constructed from a four-way stretch material that is embedded with ceramic fibers; these fibers retain heat and slowly reflect back a deep penetrating therapeutic heat. Added benefits of using the Therall Back Support include an increase in blood circulation and an improvement in joint mobility; buy the Therall Joint Warming Back Support today from Active Forever! Therall Joint Warming Back Support.

Fiber Contents: 65% Polyester, 30% Cotton, 5% Ceramic Yarn LATEX FREE


  • Four-way stretch material
  • Provides light compression
  • Embedded with ceramic fibers that retain heat
  • Heat penetrates deep into aching joints, muscles, and tissues
  • Provides long-lasting, soothing relief
  • Helps increase circulation and improve joint mobility