Vive Health XL Hot Water Bottle with Comfy Knit Sleeve


Providing comfortable relief from sore, aching muscles, arthritis pain and more, the Arctic Flex hot water bottle holds up to two quarts of hot or cold water for soothing, natural pain relief. When used for heat therapy, the flexible bottle contours to the body for targeted relief of stiffness in the neck, lower back pain, knee, shoulder, ankle, menstrual cramps and more.

Designed for versatile use, the hot water bottle safely withstands near boiling water for producing deeply penetrating heat therapy. The bottle is also freezer-safe, quickly allowing contents to freeze for use as an ice pack to reduce fevers and swelling.


  • NATURAL PAIN RELIEF - Soothing relief for aching muscles, arthritis pain, menstrual cramps, stiffness and more
  • USE HOT OR COLD - Fill with near boiling water for deep penetrating relief or freeze for use as an ice pack
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION -Constructed with an odorless, latex-free pvc material with explosion-proof seams
  • TEXTURED DESIGN -Features a lightly textured exterior to retain heat longer than traditional bottles
  • EASY TO FILL -Two-quart, transparent bottle features a fill line indicator and wide, anti-spurt lip for easy filling
  • SOFT KNIT COVER -Made with a washable acrylic, the soft bottle cover protects skin and clothing


How much water does this bottle hold?

The hot water bottle holds up to two quarts.

Can I heat it in the microwave?

No, the bottle is not microwaveable. Water should be heated prior to filling the bottle for best results.

What are the dimensions of the bottle?

The bottle measures 12” by 7.8”.

Can I freeze it?

Yes! The water bottle can be frozen for use as an ice pack to relieve swelling, muscle pain and reduce fevers.

Is the cover removable?

Yes, the knit cover is removable.

Is the cover washable?

Yes! The cover should be hand washed in cold water with a mild detergent. Air dry completely before inserting the water bottle.

Will it conform to my body?

Yes, when used with hot water the bottle is flexible, contouring to the shape of the bottle for optimal relief. The amount of flexibility is dependent on the amount of water in the bottle. For greater flexibility, only partially fill the bottle.

What is the knit cover made of?

The knit cover is made with a soft acrylic material.

Is the opening large enough to fill it with ice cubes?

The mouth opening measures 3/4”, allowing small ice cubes and crushed ice to be placed in the bottle.

Do I fill it with hot tap water?

Yes, the bottle can be filled with hot tap water or water heated in a teakettle. Do not use boiling water. The water temperature must be at or below 190 degrees.

Does the bottle smell when filled with hot water?

The bottle is made with a durable PVC that is odorless regardless of the temperature.

Is the bottle latex-free?

Yes, the hot water bottle is latex-free.

Does the bottle come with a cap?

Yes, each bottle includes a stopper. Always test the stopper for leakage before use.